US Small Business Trends to Watch in 2017

Small businesses in the US are very optimistic about their prospects in 2017 and beyond. A recent survey reveals that they expect their revenues to increase compared to last year. There is no doubt that quality B2B software solutions can help small companies to improve their efficiency, productivity, and profits. You need to keep track of the latest trends and apply them effectively to enhance your prospects. We’ll help you out by detailing the biggest small business marketing trends to watch in 2017.


Mobile is King


Smartphones have overtaken desktops as the preferred device of the new generation to surf the internet. In fact, on 2016 Black Friday mobile revenue topped $1.2 billion, growing 33% from 2015. Plus, there were 57% more mobile opens compared to desktops on Black Friday.


It is therefore no surprise that businesses are going all out with marketing campaigns targeted at mobile users in 2017. They are optimizing their websites and email templates for mobile devices and making it simple for shoppers to buy products with just a few clicks.


A HubSpot survey on consumer behavior reveals that a high percentage of buyers utilize their smartphone as their main device to search and find information. Small store owners can engage these consumers by advertising special events, discounts, and deals via text messages to get them to visit their outlet and make a purchase.


Video Rules the Internet

Video is delivering soaring click-through and engagement rates, which is why your social media accounts and email inbox are getting flooded with streaming marketing videos. Cisco estimates that by 2019, videos will account for 80% of internet traffic. The HubSpot survey reveals that 55% of consumers are more interested in videos compared to other types of content.


However, the danger is over-saturation because everybody is climbing onto the bandwagon. Small businesses can avoid this trap by creating and distributing videos that build on their presence in local markets and personal engagements with their customers. For instance, you can prepare videos that show your customers what happens behind the scenes in your company as well as prominent places and people in the neighborhood to build closer relationships with them.


Small businesses should also take good advantage of the live streaming capabilities and benefits of Instagram Live and Facebook Live. You can live stream events and announcements to your online community through these channels. Facebook Live scores here as you can save the videos on your timeline so that they can be replayed by viewers any time. Instagram Live does not offer this capability.


Email Marketing Offers Better Return

Online users are increasingly using ad blockers to prevent being deluged by unwanted spam ads. In addition, social network reports indicate that the marketing return on investment from these channels is not all that is made out to be.


The best returns come from email marketing and can be as high as 122% reports the Direct Marketing Association. This is much higher than paid search, direct mail, and social media. For this reason, small businesses can be expected to target the inbox more keenly in 2017. Do not send generic emails to a list of subscribers. Rather focus on delivering personalized offers and relevant content to specific customer segments to kindle their interest in your products or services.


Millennials are a Juicy Market

Millennials have overtaken baby boomers to become the most populous generation in the US. They are a young and tech-savvy consumer segment that presents a huge business opportunity for small companies. Millennials prefer convenience and appreciate the chance to shop anywhere, anytime.


To cater to this sophisticated audience, small companies need to have a robust online as well as mobile presence. It is important to mobile-optimize your online store and go beyond and even offer a mobile app for comfortable shopping. Small businesses can make use of affordable eCommerce and shopping cart software solutions such as Shopify, Vend, and Magento to build an online store without much capital investment.


Make Good Use of Customer Data

Small retailers will be left behind if they don’t make the effort to collect and analyze customer data using customer relationship management (CRM) technology. A quality CRM software system can help them to track and understand individual consumer needs, buying behaviors, and purchase histories, and monitor product sales and company deals and promotions. Your marketing and sales teams can use this data to craft personalized selling strategies. Plus, you can easily identify which campaigns and strategies are proving to be effective and which need retooling. This can help you save money and time, and at the same time improve efficiency and productivity.




We hope the popular influences and trends outlined in this article give you ideas to create effective marketing strategies for your small business in 2017 and beyond. You can also consult a reliable source such as the review website to get the lowdown on leading B2B software systems and learn how they can benefit your business. The key to success is to get the basics right. So, focus on building a database of interested subscribers and engage them personalized offers and content to boost your sales and profits.

Top 3 Powerful Tips for Startup Success

Many people find success very easily, with fewer bumps on the way. But there are others who need to overcome lots of challenges to be successful. Here are some tips that will help you to be successful easily, without too many obstacles.

Map out your plan

You should have a big dream and map out every detail to achieve that dream. You shouldn’t think about whether you will be able to achieve what you dream of, or whether you are being too greedy or not. You should free up your mind and dream as big as you can. If there is a big dream motivating you, then you will try to go after your dream right now. You must develop a detailed plan for your business before you quit your job. This way you will learn to hold yourself accountable and so you will see progress.

Identify your priorities and be flexible

You must learn to prioritize your works. You should know how to separate the good from the best. You should focus on one thing at a time. You should take the time to find out the important pieces of your business that will provide you the necessary cash flow. If you don’t prioritize your tasks then you risk doing nothing at all. People often focus on the support tasks rather than the critical ones. That’s when they start to fail.

Make mistakes and learn from them

You shouldn’t think making mistakes is a bad thing. You will learn from mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more you will learn. It is better to make these mistakes early so that you can take actions to correct the mistakes and move forward.

You should keep these three simple tips in mind when doing business. These are tested strategies for being successful with your startups.

Navalny’s Nationalism – Implications for the Russian-American Entrepreneurs

Navalny’s popularity in Russian politics started in 2008. He started blogging at that time about the corruption and malpractice of Russia’s largest corporations. He used to become minority shareholder in large oil companies, ministries, and banks and private lenders like loans for bad credit and used to ask questions about the holes in the corporation’s finances. He used the social media to deliver his messages. He used to target the young followers with strong languages. Slowly his influence on general people made him the opposition member of the ruling party in United Russia. Navalny is a very influential leader in Russia. Here are some things you should know about him.

1. Aleksei Navalny has quickly risen to popularity for disclosing the high-level hypocrisy and corruption of big corporations. He opposes Russia’s liberalism as he thinks it’s not consistent with the country’s conservative nature.

2. He had a different view about the illegal immigrants in Russia. He believed the undocumented immigrants are left in the shadows and not given the basic rights. Also, a poll result indicated that majority of Russians felt irritated by these immigrants. His view on immigrants created a huge spur in the political environment.

3. He joined the Russian United Democratic Party Yabloko in 2000. But later in 2007, he was expelled from the party because of causing political damages to the party. His nationalistic views were the main cause of his expulsion from the party. Navalny believes that he was kicked out as he called the 2007 parliamentary elections a shame for the liberals.

image by: en krimel


4. He co-founded his new political movement The National Russian Liberation Movement (NAROD) on June 25, 2007. The three main values of this movement were a national revival, justice, and freedom. Some fo the principles of this movement included stopping the downfall of Russian civilization, creating conditions for the development of the Russians, right of citizenship for all ethnic Russian, free elections, tax exemptions for small businesses, etc.

5. In October 2007, one of his debates was interrupted by hooligans. He shot one of them in the street. A case was filed against him and the inquiry was relaunched four times. His handgun was seized and then returned to him in May 2008. Defending this incident, Navalny said that what he did was right because he shot outside the debate hall and didn’t hit the head. He did it for self-protection.

6. In December 2011, about 6,000 people gathered in Moscow to protest against the electoral frauds. About 300 people were arrested and Navalny was one of them. He was sentenced to a maximum of 15 days.

Navalny is said to be the next new leader of Russia. He is a very brave man who has stood against corruption and malpractices conducted by big corporations and the government. He is a very bold figure who challenges various issues in Russia and is expected to gain a lot of supporters in future.

5 Roles That Must be Played by Startup Entrepreneurs

As a startup entrepreneur, you must play a number of roles. Your job is not limited to guiding your business forward. You should be directly involved in hiring the right team, finding the perfect distributors, marketing your products and more. These are the five roles that every startup entrepreneur must play.

The motivator

As a leader, you must motivate your team at every situation. Even when your business is going through a bad time, you must push their spirits high and encourage them to give their best. You should celebrate when your business is doing well. You should give positive remarks to employees whenever to perform well.

Investor manager

You must gather up capital for your business and some angel private lenders are offering loan for startup like . You can find a good investor to invest in your business and then keep the investor happy so that he or she invests again. You should give them the business updates regularly. You must know the best way to deliver the bad news to them. You should always try to manage their expectations. You must be honest with them all the time.



You should play an active role in the sale of your products or services. You should sell your product or service around the clock. You should be pitching to investors, retaining present employees and recruiting brilliant employees. You should make everyone around you believe in your business.

The strategist

You should plan for the future. You should map out the details of your business and follow your plan. You should figure out the amount of capital need, the way to get customers, etc. You shouldn’t rely on others to make big decisions regarding your business.



The Listener

You should be willing to listen to criticisms and feedback. You should take actions depending on the feedback that you receive. You must be open to change and welcome suggestions from your advisors.

As an entrepreneur, you must play all these roles. If you skip any of these roles and depend on others for it, your business might not be successful.

4 Ways Political Trends Affect Business

There are many ways political trends can impact small business. It can affect the legal framework of businesses, the consumer behavior and the type of assistance provided by the government. As an entrepreneur, you should be aware of the political changes. The effects of political trends are discussed below.

Economic trends

Various political parties have different policies to guide local and national economies. It depends on their economic ideologies. So, the political trends can affect taxes applied on businesses. The economic policies also affect the interest rates on small business loans. In a struggling economy, banks usually offer less number of loans to small businesses.

National security

This can have an impact on the buying habits of consumers. A country whose political condition is stable may encourage people to spend more and also to invest money in the various project. But if the political condition of a country is not good then people will hesitate to spend or invest money.

Labor laws

Depending on the political trends, the labor laws can change. When the labor law changes, there will be a change in business expenses and this can have a significant impact on small businesses.

Small business support

There are various low-cost services available from federal and state agencies. These include grant funds, advisory services, insured loans and tax breaks. The number of these services depends on the trends in legislative politics.

Political trends have a great impact on businesses. You should predict these changes and make decisions regarding your businesses accordingly. You should change your business policies, if necessary, to cope up with the political changes.