Navalny’s Nationalism – Implications for the Russian-American Entrepreneurs

Navalny’s popularity in Russian politics started in 2008. He started blogging at that time about the corruption and malpractice of Russia’s largest corporations. He used to become minority shareholder in large oil companies, ministries, and banks and private lenders like loans for bad credit and used to ask questions about the holes in the corporation’s finances. He used the social media to deliver his messages. He used to target the young followers with strong languages. Slowly his influence on general people made him the opposition member of the ruling party in United Russia. Navalny is a very influential leader in Russia. Here are some things you should know about him.

1. Aleksei Navalny has quickly risen to popularity for disclosing the high-level hypocrisy and corruption of big corporations. He opposes Russia’s liberalism as he thinks it’s not consistent with the country’s conservative nature.

2. He had a different view about the illegal immigrants in Russia. He believed the undocumented immigrants are left in the shadows and not given the basic rights. Also, a poll result indicated that majority of Russians felt irritated by these immigrants. His view on immigrants created a huge spur in the political environment.

3. He joined the Russian United Democratic Party Yabloko in 2000. But later in 2007, he was expelled from the party because of causing political damages to the party. His nationalistic views were the main cause of his expulsion from the party. Navalny believes that he was kicked out as he called the 2007 parliamentary elections a shame for the liberals.

image by: en krimel


4. He co-founded his new political movement The National Russian Liberation Movement (NAROD) on June 25, 2007. The three main values of this movement were a national revival, justice, and freedom. Some fo the principles of this movement included stopping the downfall of Russian civilization, creating conditions for the development of the Russians, right of citizenship for all ethnic Russian, free elections, tax exemptions for small businesses, etc.

5. In October 2007, one of his debates was interrupted by hooligans. He shot one of them in the street. A case was filed against him and the inquiry was relaunched four times. His handgun was seized and then returned to him in May 2008. Defending this incident, Navalny said that what he did was right because he shot outside the debate hall and didn’t hit the head. He did it for self-protection.

6. In December 2011, about 6,000 people gathered in Moscow to protest against the electoral frauds. About 300 people were arrested and Navalny was one of them. He was sentenced to a maximum of 15 days.

Navalny is said to be the next new leader of Russia. He is a very brave man who has stood against corruption and malpractices conducted by big corporations and the government. He is a very bold figure who challenges various issues in Russia and is expected to gain a lot of supporters in future.