5 Roles That Must be Played by Startup Entrepreneurs

As a startup entrepreneur, you must play a number of roles. Your job is not limited to guiding your business forward. You should be directly involved in hiring the right team, finding the perfect distributors, marketing your products and more. These are the five roles that every startup entrepreneur must play.

The motivator

As a leader, you must motivate your team at every situation. Even when your business is going through a bad time, you must push their spirits high and encourage them to give their best. You should celebrate when your business is doing well. You should give positive remarks to employees whenever to perform well.

Investor manager

You must gather up capital for your business and some angel private lenders are offering loan for startup like https://nation21loans.com/2500-installment-loans/ . You can find a good investor to invest in your business and then keep the investor happy so that he or she invests again. You should give them the business updates regularly. You must know the best way to deliver the bad news to them. You should always try to manage their expectations. You must be honest with them all the time.



You should play an active role in the sale of your products or services. You should sell your product or service around the clock. You should be pitching to investors, retaining present employees and recruiting brilliant employees. You should make everyone around you believe in your business.

The strategist

You should plan for the future. You should map out the details of your business and follow your plan. You should figure out the amount of capital need, the way to get customers, etc. You shouldn’t rely on others to make big decisions regarding your business.



The Listener

You should be willing to listen to criticisms and feedback. You should take actions depending on the feedback that you receive. You must be open to change and welcome suggestions from your advisors.

As an entrepreneur, you must play all these roles. If you skip any of these roles and depend on others for it, your business might not be successful.