The Best of the ASEEES 2012 Conference for Russia Watchers

Dear readers, though my Russia blogging has moved to Global Voices, I’m always looking for things worth posting to AGT, which I haven’t abandoned, and will one day undoubtedly return to.

This Friday thru Sunday, I’ll be attending the 44th annual convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) in New Orleans. This is the third year in a row that I’ll be going, and I went ahead and searched the convention program for panels and roundtables of interest to scholars and watchers of Russian contemporary politics. I hope to attend as many of these as possible, and I thought I’d share my list, as my interests likely overlap with people out there who study all things Russian and newsy. Hopefully this will be of use to those who want to know who’s up to what in the field, and better yet maybe some of you will also be in New Orleans, and will look me up.

Hope to see some of you there!

Best wishes,

Session 6 – Friday – 1:45-3:30 pm

6-01 Piecework: Interwar Soviet Montage in an Expanded Sense – Audubon
Chair: Jindrich Toman, U of Michigan
Papers: Alla Vronskaya, MIT
“‘Montage in Architecture’: Movement and Rhythm in the Architectural Theory of Soviet
Kristin E. Romberg, George Washington U
“Certification for Kazimir Malevich: Aleksei Gan‘s Constructive Criticism”
Katerina Romanenko, CUNY Graduate Center/Pratt Institute of Technology/Kean U
“Representation of Soviet Celebratory Parades in Women’s Magazines of the 1930s”
Disc.: Christina Kiaer, Northwestern U

6-15 Intelligence Support of Policymakers during the Cold War; Case Studies From CIA Archives – La
Galerie 1
Chair: A. Ross Johnson, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Papers: Peter B. Nyren, CIA
“Role of Intelligence in Reagan’s Policy Toward the USSR”
Terry Alfred Bender, Raytheon Corporation
“Contribution of Intelligence Reports to Understanding Preparations for Martial Law in Poland”
John Bird, Bird Company of Newport, Inc.
“Resolving the Missile Gap; Contribution of Intelligence to Policy”
Disc.: Mark Nathan Kramer, Harvard U
Jack F. Matlock, Columbia U

6-21 Business-State Relations in Russia under Putin and Medvedev – Mardi Gras Ballroom A
Chair: Harley D. Balzer, Georgetown U
Papers: Tina Jennings, St Antony’s College, U of Oxford (UK)
“Business Associations and the Kremlin: Consequences of the Yukos Affair”
Yuko Adachi, Sophia U (Japan)
“The Rise of State-Controlled Companies under Putin”
Stanislav Markus, U of Chicago
“Institutional Weakness and Business Aggression: Raiding under Putin”
Disc.: Peter Rutland, Wesleyan U

Session 7 – Friday – 3:45-5:30 pm

7-02 Political Humor in Russia Yesterday and Today – Bacchus
Chair: Mark Yoffe, George Washington U
Papers: Dennis Ioffe, U of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
“The Many Faces of Political Humor in Moscow Conceptualism”
Alexis Monique Zimberg, Georgetown U
“Anonymous Mockery and Unabashed Political Critique in Post-Soviet Graffiti”
Julia Bekman Chadaga, Macalester College
“The Scene of the Crime: Policing, Performance, and Political Humor in Contemporary Russia”
Disc.: Elizaveta Gaufman

7-17 Commerce, Commodities, and Russia‘s Role in Global Trade – (Roundtable) – La Galerie 4
Chair: Martina Winkler, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (Germany)
Part.: Ryan Jones, Appalachian State U
Erika L. Monahan, U of New Mexico
Matthew P. Romaniello, U of Hawai’i at Manoa
Heidi M. Sherman, U of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Ilya Vinkovetsky, Simon Fraser U (Canada)

Session 8 – Saturday – 8:00-9:45 am

8-33 Revisiting the Color Revolutions – (Roundtable) – Preservation Hall Studio 10
Chair: Andrew Konitzer, U of Pittsburgh
Part.: Julie George, CUNY Queens College
Vladimir Gel’man, European U at St. Petersburg (Russia)
Paul Goode, U of Oklahoma
Jill Ann Irvine, U of Oklahoma
Serhiy Kudelia, George Washington U

Session 9 – Saturday – 10:00-11:45 am

9-04 No Boundaries for the Russian Government Corruption – Balcony J
Chair: Pavel Ivlev, Consultant
Papers: Vladimir Rimskiy
“Corruption in the Russian Education System”
Evgeniya Khilji, Eurasia Foundation
“Corruption and Nepotism in Russia (Case Studies)”
Alexandra Kalinina
“Corruption in Russia as a Business: Putin‘s Palace Case Study”
Disc.: Ekaterina Mishina, National Research U Higher School of Economics (Russia)

Session 10 – Saturday – 1:30-3:15 pm

10-02 Recent Past as a Scholarly Challenge: (Re)reading 1990 – (Roundtable) – Bacchus
Chair: Irina Dmitrievna Prokhorova, New Literary Observer (Russia)
Part.: Alexander Etkind, U of Cambridge (UK)
Ilya Kalinin, New Literary Observer (Russia)
Nikolay Koposov, U of Helsinki (Finland)
Alexei Yurchak, UC Berkeley

10-19 Building Civil Society in Contemporary Russia? Activism in RuNet in Pre-& Post-Election period
(Roundtable) – La Galerie 6
Chair: Egor Panchenko, Russian State U for the Humanities (Russia)
Part.: Arseniy Khitrov, National Research U Higher School of Economics (Russia)
Elena Morenkova, Université Panthéon Assas – Paris 2 (France)
Alexander Solovyev
Vera Zvereva, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)

Session 11 – Saturday – 3:30-5:15 pm

11-07 Russian Regional Politics Under Putin 2.0 – Balcony M
Chair: Peter H. Solomon, U of Toronto (Canada)
Papers: Darrell L. Slider, U of South Florida
“Decentralization Revisited: Kozak, Khloponin and Proposals to Weaken the Vertical”
Joan T. DeBardeleben, Carleton U (Canada)
“Regional Elections in Russia: Do They Make a Difference?”
Paul Goode, U of Oklahoma
“Nationalism and Regime Legitimacy in Russia‘s Regions”
Disc.: Robert W. Orttung, George Washington U
John F. Young, U of Northern British Columbia (Canada)

11-19 Manufacturing Soviet Ideology: Institutes and Mechanisms, 1953-1985 – La Galerie 6
Chair: Ethan M. Pollock, Brown U
Papers: Nikolai Mitrokhin, Bremen U (Germany)
“What Could a Party Bureaucrat Learn at the Academy of Social Sciences of the Communist Party
Central Committee in the mid-1950s-1970s?”
Alexander Titov, U of Birmingham (UK)
“A Triumph in Defeat? The Ideological Commission and Party Ideology during the Thaw”
Victoria Smolkin-Rothrock, Wesleyan U
“Their Strength is Our Weakness: Religious Studies at the Soviet Institute of Scientific Atheism”
Disc.: Stephen Bittner, Sonoma State U

11-20 Regions and Cities of the Russian Federation: Verifying and Networking Data – (Roundtable) –
Mardi Gras Ballroom B
Chair: Tomila V Lankina, World Resources Institute
Part.: Leonid Iosifovich Borodkin, Moscow State U (Lomonossov, Russia)
Irina Nikolaevna Ilina, National Research U Higher School of Economics (Russia)
Carol S. Leonard, U of Oxford (UK)

Session 12 – Sunday – 8:00-9:45 am

12-17 Substance Abuse in the Soviet Union: Youth, Reform and Repression – La Galerie 5
Chair: Karen Petrone, U of Kentucky
Papers: Seth Franklin Bernstein, U of Toronto (Canada)
“‘Lifestyle Cannot Be Separate From Politics’: Degeneracy and Purges in the Komsomol, 1936-
Mark Schrad
“Vodka, Gorbachev, and the Politics of Reform in the Late Soviet Union”
Brandon G Miller, Michigan State U
“Substance Abuse in the 1960s”
Disc.: Sean Guillory, U of Pittsburgh

Session 13 – Sunday – 10:00-11:45 am

13-06 Managing Subjectivities in Socialism and Postsocialism – Balcony L
Chair: Saara Maria Ratilainen, U of Tampere (Finland)
Papers: Suvi Salmenniemi, U of Helsinki (Finland)
“Self-Help Reading in Russia: Governmentality, Psychology and Subjectivity”
Julie D. Hemment, U of Massachusetts, Amherst
“Technologies of Kindness in the Provinces: the Promotion of State-Run Youth Voluntarism in
Tuomas Laine-Frigren
“Psychological Discourse and Subjectivity in Late Socialist Hungary”
Disc.: Charles Walker, U of Southampton (UK)

Session 14 – Sunday – 12:00-1:45 pm

14-18 Youth and Social Stability in the Russian Federation – (Roundtable) – La Galerie 5
Chair: Denise Mishiwiec, Social Science Research Council
Part.: Cynthia J. Buckley, U of Texas at Austin
Nicole M. Butkovich Kraus, U of Wisconsin-Madison
Jessica Mason, U of Wisconsin-Madison
Becca McBride, Vanderbilt U

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